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"Homeopathy For Wellness"

Dr. Siddharth Roy Homeopathy Clinic

Meet Dr. Siddharth Roy

Homeopath Health Specialist

About myself, I am from a background of homeopathic practitioners. I am currently from the 4th generation practicing this medicinal system.
But in spite of coming from a homeopathic background, I was not that keen to learn about homeopathy until one day I saw a miracle happening in front of my eyes...

Meet Dr Roy
Why homeopathy

Why homeopathy ?


It is one of the oldest medicinal systems yet so advanced, this is the only medicinal system where the drugs are based on human provings which is termed as DRUG PROVING. No other pathy has such kinds of drug provings, most of them rely on lower animals for drug provings.

Homeopathy works on symptomatology i.e. symptoms-based treatment which helps in treating all the prevailing diseases of the modern era. The key to treatment is once the symptoms reflected by the disease itself are removed the disease itself will be cured.

It can help with

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Digestion And Homeopathy

Digestion problems are not only common; they are also a major detriment to the quality of life. Acidity and heartburn are the two most important culprits that cause distress on a regular basis. Increasing trends of office work that involves sitting and limited mobility are wreaking havoc on healthy digestive processes. It is, however, possible to tackle the problem using homeopathic medicine for acidity and gas.

Homeopathic Remedies For Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as the name suggests, refers to a constant feeling of being tired physically and mentally — almost like the body’s vital systems are switched off or are working on a low battery. The symptoms include unrefreshing sleep, pain in muscles or joints, and headache. A few people also experience impaired memory, confusion or poor and difficult concentrating power.

 Homeopathy and Detoxification

Homeopathy offers excellent support in the detoxing process, as the remedies used to stimulate the body’s own natural elimination. The Homeopathic approach believes that the vital force can be disturbed by stress, chronic illness, environmental toxins, poor diet, or consumption of chemicals in food or drugs. Homeopathic remedies reinforce the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and waste by-products, without harmful side effects.

Homeopathy For Women's Health

Homeopathy offers endless possibilities for women’s health and that’s one of the reasons I just love it and sharing my knowledge with others.  Homeopathy is beneficial for the full range of emotional, mental, and physical problems that a woman is likely to experience throughout her life.

Homeopathy For Weight Loss

Homeopathy helps in doing so safely, surely, and systematically so that the weight that comes off, stays off.

Homeopathy For Stress

Serious mental health or emotional issues need a doctor’s review and follow-up. Homeopathic medicines can be helpful in dealing stress situations more calmly and can bring back physical and mental wellness.


"There are no words that can possibly express the extent of my gratitude towards Dr Siddharth for providing exceptional care, legit treatment n a positive support throughout the course of my medicine!!!
After suffering from chronic migraine n sinus almost throughout my life n trying every possible treatment I landed up meeting Dr Siddharth. Hé has not only eradicated my problem but also established my faith on homeopathy. His approach is so basic yet scientific, he understands the problem n not only covers the symptoms but works on the root cause of it, making a change in ur overall health. Such is the positivity n healing touch of Dr Siddharth. Highly recommended".


— Heer, Uttar Pradesh

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